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Featured Videos,
Mexicali Houses
A Short video that shows the construction of small housing units.
2005 Promotional Video
A promotional video shot during the construction of the first full scale SABS building. Please note that some processes shown and statements made are out of date.
Fire Testing
A video of fire test conducted on SABS material. The first test show is flame spead. The second test shown is second story corner room test.

Impact Demonstration
This video is a demonstration of how impacts and damage to the SABS product do not cause failure even under extreme circumstances.
Prototype Construction
Covers the construction of a prototype building. This building is modeled after a section of the first full scale SABS house.
12 News Coverage
A clip from 12 news coverage of the SABS building technology. Interviews with a SABS home owner and SABS design builder.

Wind Load Testing
This video comes from SABS wind loading test conducted in 2004. The test was conducted up to 270 MPH winds.
News Channel 4 Hawaii
This is news coverage of a sABS home built in Hawaii by Green Builders Hawaii LLC.